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The story of success


Although the cost of their wedding was over $15,000 and took a year and a half to be organized, Benjamin and Mary Salmon now try to forget it.

“Our wedding was really wonderful, an unbelievable day,” says Mary. “But we have so much we want to do together now, we are both looking to our joint future.” Her husband, economist and amateur photographer Benjamin, agrees completely. “Both our minds are now concentrated firmly on the future. I will always remember our wedding ceremony and the honeymoon afterwards, but there’s so much we want, so many ideas. The fact of our marriage is much more important than the wedding.”

“Our first wish is to find our own place. We are going to start looking for a new house with all the modern conveniences in New York, we will probably move there next year.” Are they going to extend Salmon family? “We plan on having two or three children,” Benjamin tells me. “Mary is just wonderful with children and I can get 3-years paternity leave from my work, which is so suitable for us.”

They have just returned from a three-week honeymoon that they have spent in the ancient Irish castle. Both are fond of travelling and Mary hopes this was not the only trip for them. “I would like to go travelling as much as possible together. Travelling with someone else is such an astonishing experience. I think it’s sad to experience all the wonderful places in the world alone.” Mary also has another great travel ambition that she might have to do by herself. “I have always been fascinated by swimming with sharks and my real wish is to go to Australia and to make my dream come true. Benjamin has no interest in such kind of adrenaline though.”

How are going Benjamin and Mary to cope with all the problems in the couple? Benjamin explains “The main principle of our couple is to always talk to each other. If you stop communicating, what would such marriage look like?” His wife goes along with this expression completely. “We don’t expect everything to be so perfect. I think many people expect the wedding to be the end of getting to know each other. We believe it to be the start.”

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