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In our modern world many of us are obsessed with an idea of travelling abroad. Everyone thought at least once in his (or her) life about life in another country. It seems to us that life would change for better there. So, we arrive in a foreign country and are going to stay there. Suddenly we realize that the great misunderstandings and culture problems occur. This phenomenon is called “culture shock”.

During this process our brain reacts to unordinary things when we move from one culture to another. Sometimes your culture and the new culture are similar. Other times, they can be very different, and even contradictory. What might be perfectly normal in one culture — for instance, spending hours eating a meal with your family — might be unusual in a culture that values a more fast-paced lifestyle.

There are a lot of traditions that sound unbelievable for us, it can take some time to get used to such things, for example:

–         In Japan it is the custom to bow when greeting, or nod your head to strangers you make eye contact with. When meeting someone very important to show respect you should bow lower than them and pause for a moment with your head down.

–         In a number of cultures smiling or laughing in apparently inappropriate places – for example, at other people’s misfortune – can appear tactless. However, a laugh or a smile can communicate embarrassment or solidarity with the person who is suffering.

Due to psychological researches there are four basic stages that human beings pass through when they face a new culture in everyday life.

The first stage of culture shock begins when we first arrive. We feel ourselves involved in some kind of a great adventure with new environment, new sounds and new language. This period can last for quite a long time.

The second stage is the most difficult for guests from other countries. After they settled down, worked or studied, they become very tired and miss their homeland. This can lead to pulling away from a foreign culture or rejecting it. The visitor may develop harmful habits, many people decide to go back to their homeland or spend all the time with people from their own culture, who understand each other much better.

At the third stage of culture shock people realize that things are not so bad in a host culture and they can get used to it and take care of themselves.

The last stage an individual finally feels “at home”, he (or she) can even adopt some behaviors from the certain culture. If this individual comes back to his (or her) native country this person already feels uncomfortable at home and needs to go back. The more time is spent in a foreign country, the bigger is a wish to stay there.

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