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Every year lifeboats respond to incidents, which could have been prevented and loss of life avoided with simple safety precautions.

When you are out on the water, anything can happen. How well will you cope in an emergency? There are some pieces of advice for those who do not want to experience any troubles while swimming.

  1. Tell someone ashore where you are going and when you’ll be back. They will raise the alarm if you are overdue. They also warn against swimming alone, swimming too far out to sea and snorkeling if you have breathing problems.
  2. Before you head out, always check forecasts and tide times.  Ask for details at your local Harbour Office to make sure it’s safe to go. It would be better to stay at home even in case of a small danger.
  3. If the weather is fine, you may take your boat and have a small voyage. Before going think about the following questions. When was your engine last serviced?  Are you sure it will get you home? Always check you have enough fuel for the trip and always carry reserve fuel.
  4. Boating can be extremely unpredictable.  If you find yourself in the water, a correctly fitted and functional lifejacket could be your lifesaver.
  5. How will you call for help in an emergency?  Very high frequency communications (VHF) is best because you are broadcasting to the marine community on the water who may be listening to your call.  Mobile phones are an option as well but you may not get adequate reception at sea and the person you are calling may not be able to answer. Flares on board are required too.
  6. There is no substitute for specific training to meet your boating needs. There are special courses and programs that can help anyone to deal with problems on water.

The force of the sea is much more dangerous than anything swimming about inside it. Coastguards are warning the public not to swim if there is a red flag flying on a beach and to find out about local tides and currents.

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